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GS-1 Series - Lower Cost Monochromatic Sorting

Designed specifically for cereals & pulses.

A unique, high-sensitivity processing technology allows product defect threshold to be adjusted to suit customer needs.

With the GS-1 Series, its easy to switch between coarse and fine sorting.

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The GS-1 Series Colour Sorter brings monochromatic sorting to lower cost and higher accuracy levels.

The GS-1 machine is designed to be extremely user friendly. Its simple colour touch screen interface provides access to all necessary day to day setting adjustments, whist restricting more detailed settings behind password protection.

The machine is available in either 8 or 12 chute configuration and can be supplied with various primary and re-sort options.

The GS-1 Series software sorting engine supports 'Defect Threshold Adjustment'. The user can set the defect size minimum, thereby ensuring that slight spot or non-detrimental blemishes are not cause for rejection.

Using only single phase power and a compressed air supply, the machine is easy to install and cost effective to run.

As more and more processors of cereals and pulses look to improve their product quality and HACCP procedures, the GS-1 Series Optical Sorter is becoming the machine of choice.




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