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SSM Series - High Performance CCD & NIR Sorting for Cereals, Pulses & Small Products

Designed for high capacities and incredibly accurate sorting, the SSM is the top specification small products sorter from Satake.

New features include real image acquisition, bullseye targeting of defects, advanced flow rate control parameters and internet connectivity.

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The SSM Series sorter is a new concept from the ground up. Available in three chute and five chute models (which can also be split in to smaller sub-chutes) the SSM is for high capacity sorting. The SSM5001 model has a total of 420 ejectors!

Sorting technology uses a fully digital CCD package for monochromatic sorting on AIS models, or for added foreign material removal performance, the AMS model also has multiple NIR cameras for a bichromatic sort.


Defects Removed by AIS Model:

- Visible Colour Defects
- Tramp Metal
- Coloured Glass
- Coloured Stones
- Defective Lighter Colour
- Defective Darker Colour


Additional Defects Removed by AMS (Infra-Red Model):

- Clear Plastics
- Clear Glass
- White Stones
- Light Coloured Stones

Plus: Barley from Wheat, Oats from Groats, Cob from Maize Grits, etc


New & Advanced Features:


Real Image Acquisition
A major technological advance in the SSM is the use of real image acquisition. The operator can take a photo snapshot of the product as it passes through the machine. The large colour display will then display the effect of sorting parameter changes on the actual product image. This means that changes can be planned and previewed before being entered in to the system parameters


Bull’s Eye Targeting
The use of real image acquisition allows the SSM to determine the size, shape and trajectory of the product to which the defect is attached. The SSM calculates the centre point of the product to accurately fire the ejector precisely at its centre, rather than at the defect itself, which in conventional sorters can just spin the product instead of rejecting it The SSM will even fire two adjacent ejectors simultaneously if it detects that the product will fall directly between the two firing points.


Simple Set-Up
Parameters can be easily set in to the SSM’s large touch screen and saved to a 100 product memory for retrievable and easy product changes.


All Information In One View
For normal operation, all the information about the machine’s functions are displayed on the easy to read screen. This includes data such as buffer hopper status, flow rate, trip levels and any alarm conditions.




Ejector Performance Status
Graphs and data for individual ejector performance can be recalled and studied. This allows later monitoring of unmanned shift conditions or analysis of the effect of product and parameter changes.


Alarm & Settings Change Logs
All alarm conditions and all changes made to the machine’s parameters are logged for management and performance review.


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