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AlphaScan II

Next Generation...Low Cost, High Capacity Colour Sorting for Grain Processing

The Satake AlphaScan II is the very latest Colour Sorter from Satake. 

The original AlphaScan range was introduced to the market in 2004 and quickly gained favour in wheat, barley, rye, rice and other cereal/pulse processing industries. 

The AlphaScan II is the next generation of 'low cost - high capacity' sorting from Satake.
The AlphaScan II is particularly suitable for ergot, foreign grain and stone removal from wheat, black tip removal from durum and the recovery of good grain ejected by mechanical separators.It also has applications in the removal of pink tinted fusarium damaged wheat. 

Processors of other products such as rice, beans and pulses also benefit from the machine's high capacity at low cost.




Machine Features:

- Compact small footprint, low cost, high capacity colour sorter
- High-speed, digital signal processing technology
- Multiple high-resolution CCD cameras front and rear
- Self monitoring with auto calibration during operation
- Multilingual touch screen operator interface
- Very high ejector density
- AS64, AS96 and AS160 can have built-in resort capability

New Features of AlphaScan II:

- New Power Supply Design – improves performance, efficiency and simplifies maintenance
- Sampling Trays – fitted on accept chute to sample sorted product without spillage
- New PCB Board design to improve power dissipation and reduce heat generation
- Revised Nozzle Bar – improved ejection & sorting efficiency
- New Feeders with Feedback Control – Offer more constant feed rates with fewer mechanical changes to allow more production and reduce stress on feeder.
- Chute frame adjustment – easier to change between products
- Lamp pre-heating – immediate start up of lamps in cold climates
- More sizes available - AS64 added to the range (2 Chutes)
- Models AS32, 64, 96 are built in same frame. AS32 & A64 can be converted / upgraded to AS96 if capacity requirements increase 

AlphaScan II High Flow:

At its optimum capacity of 35 tonnes per hour, the Satake AlphaScan visually inspects more than 250,000 grains per second.  The AlphaScan II High Flow has the greatest capacity available.


AlphaScan Models 

AS32 = 32 Ejectors
AS64 = 64 Ejectors
AS96 = 96 Ejectors
AS160 = 160 Ejectors


Download Datasheet AS32, AS64 & AS 160

Download Datasheet AlphaScan II High Flow

Typical Sort

Capacity on ergot removal from wheat: 12 - 16 tonnes per hour



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