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Satake RSQI10A Grain Scanner

Scanning Grain Analyser for Colour and Shape

Satake’s Grain Scanner is a simple, quick and accurate way to evaluate wheat, white rice, brown rice, beans, corn and other grains.

The Grain Scanner analyses the shape and colour of every individual kernel in a sample of 1,000 grains in as little as 60 seconds.

Very simple to operate, the Satake Grain Scanner can determine whether grains are acceptable or unacceptable based on parameters set by you.

With the Grain Scanner from Satake, you can be sure your customers only get products that meet the highest quality standards: yours.

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No special skills required - Place your grain sample on to the tray and click "Start Scan". The results appear in moments.

Quick colour and shape measurement - Up to 1,000 grains in 60 seconds. Shape and colour information on each individual grain, including images and graphs. Statistical data for the whole samples is also displayed with histograms and average values.

Customer's own settings - The Grain Scanner is completely customisable to your own values, parameters and judgement thresholds.

Download Datasheet

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