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Spout Fittings

Satake Australia stock a wide range of spouting, spout fittings and accessories. 

The modular range of 4" (100mm) and 5" (125mm) fittings cover most requirements for gravity type flows in cereal milling installations. 

Our standard range is constructed from aluminium with long life plastic clamping mechanisms. 

For tougher duties we can supply mild steel, galvanised or stainless steel components.



Part No. for 4" Dia Part No. for 5" Dia Description Drawing Image
PNS4001A N/A Connecting Hopper (Aluminium) no yes
PNS4001B N/A Connecting Hopper (Cast Iron) no yes
PNS4002A N/A Bend Segment - 22 Deg (Aluminium) no yes
PNS4002B N/A Bend Segment - 22 Deg (Cast Iron) no yes
PNS4003A N/A Spout Adaptor (Aluminium) no yes
PNS4003B N/A Spout Adaptor (Aluminium with Steel Insert) no yes
PNS4005B N/A Two-To-One Connector (Cast Iron) no no
PNS40090 PNS50090 Joint Sealing Clip no yes
PNS4012A PNS5012A Aluminium Tubing yes no
PNS4020A N/A Expansion Connection no yes
PNS4024A N/A Floor Clip (Aluminium) no yes
PNS4026A N/A Bend Adaptor (Aluminium) no yes
PNS4026B N/A Bend Adaptor (Cast Iron) no yes
PNS4027A N/A Bend Adapter (Aluminium) no yes
PNSR4100 PNSR5100 Adjustable Bend yes yes
PNSR4110 PNSR5110 Feed Inspection Inlet yes yes
PNSR4120 PNSR5120 Link (Connector) yes yes
PNSR4130 N/A Reducing Connector (125/100mm) yes yes
PNSR4140 PNSR5140 Tube Glass yes no
PNSR4150 PNSR5150 Floor Clamp Flange yes yes
PNSR4200 PNSR5200 Branch (Spout junction) yes yes
PNSR4210 PNSR5210 Overflow Branch yes no
PNSR4300 PNSR5300 Control Socket yes yes
PNSR4301 N/A Sample Spout Cover yes yes
PNSR4320 PNSR5320 Stow Guard yes no
PNSR4323 PNSR5323 Stow Guard Holder yes no
PNSR4324 N/A Probe yes no
PNSR4340 PNSR5340 Shut Off Slide yes no
PNSR4400 PNSR5400 Sifter Outlet (h=190mm,d=100mm,b=75mm) yes yes
PNSR4440 PNSR5440 Hopper yes yes
PNSR4450 PNSR5450 Standing Tube yes no
PNSR4500 PNSR5500 Divide Valve (Adjustable split) yes yes
PNSR4510 PNSR5510 Conveyor Divider yes no
PNSR4520 PNSR5520 Sifter Divider yes no
PNSR4600 PNSR5600 Ceiling 2-Way Valve yes no
PNSR4608 PNSR5608 Ceiling 2-Way Valve (Signal) yes no
PNSR4609 PNSR5609 Ceiling 2-Way Valve (Pneumatic) yes yes
PNSR4610 PNSR5610 Tube 2-Way Valve yes yes
PNSR4618 PNSR5618 Tube 2-Way Valve (Signal) yes no
PNSR4619 PNSR5619 Tube 2-Way Valve (Pneumatic) yes no
PNSR4620 PNSR5620 Conveyor 2-Way Valve yes no
PNSR4628 PNSR5628 Conveyor 2-Way Valve (Signal) yes no
PNSR4629 PNSR5629 Conveyor 2-Way Valve (Pneumatic) yes no
PNSR4630 PNSR5630 Sifter 2-Way Valve yes no
PNSR4640 PNSR5640 Twin 2-Way Valve yes no
PNSR4648 PNSR5648 Twin 2-Way Valve (Signal) yes no
PNSR4649 PNSR5649 Twin 2-Way Valve (Pneumatic) yes no
PNSR4700 N/A Ceiling 3-Way Valve yes no
PNSR4710 N/A Tube 3-Way Valve yes no
PNSR4720 N/A Conveyor 3-Way Valve yes no
PNSR4728 N/A Conveyor 3-Way Valve (Signal) yes no
PNSR4739 PNSR5739 Conveyor 3-Way Valve (Pneumatic) yes no
FS10015 N/A Shut Off Slide (Aluminium) no yes



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